Question: Do The Hodgetwins Live In Vegas?

Is Kevin Hodge married?

Kevin Hodge Has Been Married For Almost Two Decades The American YouTube star Kevin Hodge is a happily married man.

It is known that his wife is of Mexican descent, and as of now, they have been a married couple for almost two decades..

How do I contact Hodge twins?

If you have any questions or issues please email us at [email protected] or call us at 888-651-0154. In the subject line or voicemail please provide your order number.

Are the Hodge twins mixed race?

Their mother is white and their father, Charles Cunningham, is black. “I don’t know how it happened,” said Cunningham. “They are fraternal twins, so they aren’t any closer than if they had been born years apart.

Who is the richest YouTuber 2019?

Ryan KajiThis eight-year-old remains YouTube’s highest-earner, taking home $26 million in 2019. Ryan Kaji, the eight-year-old behind YouTube channel “Ryan’s World,” remained the video platform’s highest earner for a second year, raking in $26 million in 2019, according to Forbes’ annual list.

What happened to the Hodge twins?

The HodgeTwins, stand-up comedians who tour and post humor videos on YouTube, announced the cancellation on Twitter and Facebook Friday afternoon. The post said the show was canceled because “the venue owner does not like our political views.” … It wasn’t political.

How much are the Hodgetwins worth?

Kevin and Keith Hodge are the duo from the United Kingdom that make up the duo popularly known as The Hodge Twins. They have an estimated net worth of $1.1 million. They run a number of channels on YouTube such as Hodge Twins, TwinMuscle, AskHodgeTwins, Hodgetwins vlogs etc.

What ethnicity are the Hodge twins?

The Hodgetwins, Kevin Hodge, and Keith Hodge were born in 1975 in Virginia, the United States, and they celebrate their birthday on 17 September. They belong to the Afro-American ethnicity and holds an American nationality.

Who is older Kevin or Keith Hodge?

Keith and Kevin Hodge were born in Martinsville, Virginia, USA. They were the youngest out of the siblings, having an older brother and sister.

Are the Hodge twins really twins?

Kevin Hodge, along with his identical twin, Keith, is famously known for their comedic commentary as the Hodgetwins. These charming identical twins have some of the most popular channels on YouTube. … Kevin agreed, and the rest is Hodgetwins history.

How tall are the Hodge twins?

Athlete StatisticsWeight205 – 215lbs (88.5 – 93.0kg)Height6’3″ (190.5cm)Age45Date of BirthSeptember 17, 1975NationalityAmerican3 more rows

Where do the Hodgetwins live now?

Their cousins’ pair of children were both shot, so they used their social media presence to raise money for their medical expenses. Both twins have been married to their current wives for over 15 years, and have moved back to their home state of Virginia after living in and around Los Angeles for 17 years.