Quick Answer: How Are Brilliance Points Awarded In Wordscapes?

What are the brilliance points for in Wordscapes?

Brilliance score is the cumulative number of puzzle boxes you’ve filled since you 1st began the game.

I’m not sure if bonus words add to the brilliance score.

Total brilliance of each team is a stat for comparison.

The brilliance of each of your teammates is listed..

What’s the highest level in Wordscapes?

The game currently contains 10000 levels, and 14000 extra master levels, once you have completed the first 10000.

What can I do with my coins in Wordscapes?

What are Wordscapes coins? After each level, you have the opportunity to earn coins through playing bonus words, filling in the extra word (not all levels have this), leveling up, or collecting stars on Wordscapes daily puzzles. The purpose of collecting coins is to use them to help you.

Is Wordscapes a safe app?

WordScapes is a word spelling game for iOS and Android devices. … In addition, Wordscape’s terms state they take reasonable steps to protect the confidentiality and security of personal information including transmission of all information using secure socket layer technology.

How does Wordscapes tournament work?

Star Tournaments The game will randomly assign you to a group of 100 players. Every word that you form in a regular level, whether it is in the puzzle or it is a “bonus” word, earns you a star. The players with the most stars at the end of the tournament period earn rewards based on their place in the standings.

What is the piggy bank for in Wordscapes?

The piggy bank is something that developers are trying these days to tempt you into buying coins. The bank collects coins and you have to pay to open it and collect them. … Piggy bank is for buying coins to give u a hint on a letter for a word.

How do I restore Wordscapes?

How do I restore my game at previous level?Answers.AppGamer Answered: If you have previously used the option to ‘sign in with facebook’ in the game then it will have saved your progress. You can then do sign in with facebook again on a new device or after reinstalling to let you recover that progress.Dec 5, 2020

What do Bullseyes do in Wordscapes?

A bullseye item lets you select any square to reveal the letter that goes there. This is like the normal hints but instead of getting a random letter you can pick the one you want to know.

Does Wordscapes get harder?

Levels and Daily Challenges of Wordscapes It is most likely that these levels are getting harder and harder. The master levels also have different categories like previous ones. There are 15 levels in each category. The daily challenges of Wordscapes are very addictive.

What do the binoculars mean in Wordscapes?

Answers. AppGamer Answered: The binoculars are part of the new mid week event. During the timed event you are able to earn binoculars when completing levels. These add up and when you fill the meter you can claim reward boxes that earn progress towards profile pictures to use.

Is there a cheat for Wordscapes?

The Wordscapes Cheat is also custom-built by the talented folks at word-grabber, and we are proud to say that you won’t find another quite like it. It is very easy to use and features a custom pattern search.

What is the highest brilliance in Wordscapes?

Guest Answered: Level 7201 with brilliance of 340,627.

What does the butterfly mean in Wordscapes?

Answers. Guest Answered: The butterfly in a word box is only in the daily puzzles I believe… you’re supposed to try to get those words first. The more often you get the words the butterfly wants you to get, the more stars you’ll get to go towards those picture box things at the end = coins.

Does Wordscapes help your brain?

They educate, improve your intelligence quotient, improve your cognitive ability, improve your concentration, enhance motor skills, improve your problem solving skills, improve productivity and can improve your social skills. My favourite game at the moment is the game developed by PeopleFun! named “WordScapes”.